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As President of Aegis Global, LLC, Jack Hickey understands the demands of this fast paced industry. Mr. Hickey brings over 10 years of experience that range from close protection to undercover investigations.

Jack began his career in the medical field. In 2005, Jack attended the Federal Maritime Law Enforcement Academy and provided freelance security on the USS Sequoia Presidential Yacht in Washington, DC.

After attending numerous training academies, this has led Jack to oversee various protection details that included head of security operations for Senator Hillary Clinton during her Presidential Campaign. He has also provided personal security for US and Foreign dignitaries, Celebrities (Actors/Actresses and Musical Artists), CEO's and the UAE and SAUDI Royal Families. As the Detail Leader for the Royal Family he oversaw all close protection, command post operations, mobile command post operations, residential access, security driving, and all logistical operations while traveling throughout the world.

With protective operations experience in the U.S., Jack also has vast international experience to include the Middle East, Canada, South America, London, Greece an the Caribbean.

Jack also possesses numerous certifications, registrations, and licenses in Executive Protection, PPS (Personal Protection Specialist), PI (Private Investigator), Advanced Firearms, Martial Arts, High Threat Operators Training, and Security Driving.

Jack was also a Partner, Director of Operations and on the Board of Directors for a Private Security Firm in Northern Virginia for 4 years where he oversaw all protective operations, investigations, and training classes such as Executive Protection, Private Investigators course, handcuffing, and self defense.

Jack is also trained in hand-to-hand combat in various martial art styles and non-lethal takedowns and control techniques.


9532 Liberia Ave, Ste 162

Manassas, VA 20110

VA DCJS 11-6436

MD 106-4552

Jack Hickey, President

[email protected]

Direct: 703-477-6562

Fax: 703-365-7566